Gardens around Grand and Petit Palais


Deepak Gopi said...

Now I am in love with Paris after seeing your pics.
really excellent

Dorothee said...

HI Peter,
Wow, so much green in Paris! I used to see more grey when I was living there, so I am always happy to see such beautiful aspects of my "old" home town wonderfully represented.
Thanks a lot for these great pics!

Sonia said...

Peter, I am speechless...I am enchanted with those beauty... Awesome photos! Anybody who wants to visit Paris will have to visit your blog first!

Did I told you that those huge photos are fabulous!

Thanks for your visiting on my place and have a nice weekend!

Maxime said...

Ces jardins... le calme. La seule voiture est arrêtée. le temps d'une éclaircie dans le ciel changeant, Paris retient son souffle, à l'écoute d'un bourgeon en train d'éclore.

April said...

Wonderful, full spring in Paris.

krystyna said...

World is beautiful - THANK YOU!

I need little bit break - my right hand is overworked - during Spring time I have more job.

Galmaran said...
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Deepak Gopi said...

:) Enjoy a nice weekend

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