No need?

I have noticed that the number of visitors to this blog is quite limited. The intention was to give those of you who might be interested to, in a larger size, see the small photos on my basic blog. Until further, I would today rather suggest that if anyblody would be interested to see any of those smaller sized photos in their larger format, just please tell me and I can put them here - or forward them directly to you by email.


sonia a. mascaro said...

Hi Peter,
I LOVE to see Peter's Paris - Photos - because I enjoy so much your gorgeous and stunning pictures in a larger size!
Really this blog is just amazing!

My kind regards.

Rakesh Vanamali said...

Hi Peter

This is my first time here. I loved the pictures!

To asnwer your question, I recommend this blog be continued despite the number of visitors!
It is one thing to send pictures via mail and quite another to maintain a blogsite!



joanny said...


Well I would miss your blog, but where ever you post I will follow you there too.